What’s New

October 2017: The weekly postings will now include a “Fun Fact of the Week” trivia bit. (Special thanks to Samantha A. for the suggestion.) If this is well-received, we may turn this into a contest. Stay tuned.

September 2017: the NJ Region of the AACA (of which I’m a member) has added a link to Richard’s Car Blog on its website. It’s accessible to the public, and can be found on several pages, including the “About Us” page: https://njregionaaca.com/about/

June 2017: WordPress has allowed addition of a “share” function, so that users of Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Skype can more easily share a blog post if so desired.

May 2017: An “Upcoming Calendar of Events” page has been added to the menu along the top bar. Here you’ll find shows, drives, and other events, especially those where I’ll have a car in attendance.

March 2017: A Search bar has been added to the home page. Simply type in the word or phrase you’re searching for, and all relevant blog posts will turn up in the results. For example, “Mecum” turns up 8 blog posts, some with that word in the title, and others with the word in the body of the post.