Richard has been an auto enthusiast since the age of two, when his dad taught him the difference between a Chevy and a Ford. After a childhood spent building car models while his siblings watched TV, he decided to make a career of it, working for several Volvo and Acura dealerships before accepting a position at Volvo Cars North America, the company’s U.S. importer. During his 23-year career there, Richard held a variety of service and technical positions, and especially enjoyed working directly with the Swedes during multiple visits to the home country.

While his career was in full swing, he also dove head-first into the collector car hobby, buying his first collectible, a 1957 Ford Skyliner retractable hardtop, two months after graduating college. A number of domestic and import hobby cars have passed through his hands, but his proudest achievement was his five-year restoration of a 1957 BMW Isetta, which then went on to earn multiple awards at various car shows on the East Coast.

At present, to satisfy his love of anything Italian, he owns a 1967 Alfa Romeo Giulia coupe. On the infrequent occasions when the Alfa is being serviced, he enjoys his first-generation Mazda Miata (but both get stored away during winters). Richard is also passionate about music, especially classic rock and especially the Beatles. Having taken up the drum set as an instrument as a child (inspired by Ringo), he somehow also managed to fit weekend drumming gigs into his schedule, an exhausting hobby from which he now considers himself retired.


Proud owner stands with his ’67 Alfa inside the AACA Museum



10 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Richard, I live in Rochester,NY. I’m looking to buy a 64 Marauder. I have a 65 Marauder. I would love to own this car. Can you put me in touch with Larry. Thanks George Nick cell 585-697-4487 home 585-323-1286 email gnick56@gmail.com


    • Hi there, and thanks for your comment. The car is a ’63. The car will be sold at Mecum’s Harrisburg PA auction on July 30. If you’re interested in it, you’ll have to bid, as that is how Larry has decided to sell the car! Thanks again.


  2. Hey, Richard, Craig Johnson here, the guy who just posted about the Fiat 124 Sport Coupes. I did a search on line and discovered that you’re my age and that you live just south of me and just west of my office: I’m 64, I live in Randolph, just west of Morristown and my office is in Iselin. Small world! We should get together and talk cars some time. Email me at Craigj3534@optonline.net if you’re interested.


  3. Hey Richard, just a quick note to say hello from Bill and Marcie, and a big thanks for all the photos and information on the New England 1000. You were our inspiration to join the rally and we’ll continue to follow your blog and enjoy your car adventures. Hope to see you another rally in the future. Happy motoring !!

    Bill and Marcie (Red 65 Vette)


    • Hey Bill and Marcie, what a thrill to have met you! Your Corvette is awesome! I’m honored and humbled that you found me through this blog. Please keep reading, as I’ll be posting weekly exploits, both past and present. Hope to see you again at an event! All the best, Richard


  4. Hi Richard,
    I would like to invited you and your club to attend a FCA Penn/NJ Region Ferrari event. This event “Ferraris in the Park”
    will be on 10/10/2020 at North Branch Park in Somerset, NJ from 9-2pm. If interested, please contact me
    for details.

    Pat Linton: Linton13@yahoo.com/917-853-0245 cell


  5. Hi Richard i have a 1969 duetto 1300 jr and came across your blog while searching how to replace my master cylinder. when searching your blogs i couldn’t find all your brake blogs help


    • Hi there, and thanks for reading my blog. If you’re referring to the overhaul of the hydraulic system (caliper rebuild plus replacement of the master cylinder and all brake lines), this was covered on the blog in 8 parts. Part 1 was posted on Aug. 25, 2019, and Part 8 on Jun. 28, 2020. You can use the Search feature on the blog, or search for them via Google. Thanks for your interest! Best, Richard


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