Hello Friends,

Welcome to my blog. As someone who has spent his entire adult life both working in the car business and enjoying the collector car hobby, I’ve long looked for a better way to share my experiences with friends and colleagues.

With this blog, I intend to accomplish the following:

  • Share stories and photos from automotive events I attend, whether they be shows, rallies, cruise nights, and the like;
  • Provide updates on my automotive projects (at present, that would be repair work on my 1967 Alfa Romeo);
  • Add original content in the way of stories and photos from my past;
  • Create an entertaining and informative platform for visitors who share my passion for all things automotive.

On this first day, it may be equally important to state what this blog will NOT be:

  • A compendium of links to existing websites;
  • A rehashing of information which has been covered elsewhere;
  • A place for naysayers, haters, and flamers;
  • A blog which will wander any distance from its chosen topic (automobiles, both old and new).

This will be a place where people can sign up for email updates when new content is added, and can contribute comments. The immediate goal is to add fresh material approximately once a week, more frequently if I’m attending a multi-day event (like the New England 1000 rally). It’s exciting to start this venture, and will be a rewarding challenge to keep it going!

Thanks for visiting,


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