It is my good fortune to have recently completed a 10-day visit to Sweden, Germany, and Denmark. The trip was originally planned for me to research my father’s ancestors (he was born in Hamburg and immigrated to the States in 1926, when he was 7) and to attend the Copenhagen Jazz Festival. My dear friend Lenny, who works for the Volvo Car Corporation in Gothenburg, hosted me and traveled to Germany with me, which explains how Sweden got on the agenda. While in all three countries, I didn’t miss an opportunity to photograph the many interesting cars, old and new, which are found on the streets of Europe.

The photos below are presented in roughly chronological order. The captions will give year, make and model of each vehicle (to my closest estimate). If I have any pithy remarks about the car and/or the locale, I’ll throw that in. Enjoy the cars!


The weekend I was in Gothenburg, a celebration was held for the conclusion of the Volvo Ocean Race. An auction company had this VW bus and 1960 Cadillac convertible on display to advertise their site.

This 1966 Buick Electra “deuce & a quarter” was in that same parking lot.

This 1966 Pontiac convertible was spotted the next day. That’s Lenny and his wife Marie admiring the chrome rims.

1966 Pontiac LeMans convertible
1966 Pontiac LeMans convertible

Driving from Sweden to Germany entailed a ferry ride. There was quite the queue in both directions. Across from us, waiting for a ferry in the opposite direction, were these old American ‘50s icons. What’s more, the occupants had their folding chairs out as if this was a regular place to park and relax. Looks like the Imperial was getting its carb adjusted.

In Germany now. The Germans still love their air-cooled Beetles.

One of the funniest scenes of the entire visit was the commotion around this Lamborghini. At the same time I spotted it, it was also spotted by a group of 13-year-old boys and girls, who made a beeline dash toward it, cell phone cameras at the ready. They were on a school trip, and I know that because their teacher yelled out to them (in English). Chatting with her, I found out that they were Brits, and the kids were German language students. Nice to know that they were also into cars.

Across the street from my Hamburg hotel were this very clean VW Cabrio in a most unusual color, and a late ‘70s Chevy Malibu wagon.

More Hamburg sightings: a BMW 3.0, a Lancia Fulvia sedan, and two clean Minis.

“Honey, don’t trade the old van in, just weld its greenhouse to the roof of the new one!” (Enlarge the photo to see that A) it has a For Sale sign in the side window, and B), it has a parking ticket under the wiper.)


If you meet a German who tells you he drives a Caddy, he more than likely means this VW.

A VW Caddy (van)
A VW Caddy (van)

A customized Porsche 914.

Alfa spider on the highway.

Alfa Romeo spider S4 (final generation)
Alfa Romeo spider S4 (final generation)

In a beach parking lot in northern Germany: a Porsche 356. Has this person been watching the auction results? This car might be worth more than their house.

In Copenhagen now, I spotted this Rambler not once but several times around town. It’s someone’s daily driver, and I have not seen this vintage Rambler used as a daily driver since all my hair was brown.

'60s Rambler American station wagon
’60s Rambler American station wagon

Mercedes-Benz has this upper-class, elegant, prestigious reputation in the States. In Europe it’s a different story, with cars as small as this A-class, and E-class sedans regularly used as taxis.

A ‘60s Jaguar sedan, which appears to have been parked for a while.

This very nice Volvo 1800S was parked on the same Copenhagen side street for several days.

A Smart car owner with a sense of humor.

What do you call the rear end of a Smart?
What do you call the rear end of a Smart?


All photographs copyright © 2015 Richard A. Reina. Photos may not be copied or reproduced without express written permission.


6 thoughts on “CAR SPOTTING IN EUROPE, 2015

  1. Welcome home! It sounds like a great itinerary with some excellent car-spotting opportunities. My favorites in order of desirability: The 3.0 CSi, the 356C and the Jag Mk ll.


  2. Great shots, as usual.
    And would have thunk a fair amount of American iron – my favorite was the GTO, and what no Chevy Impalas!!??


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