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  1. I can’t believe that I found a 77 Rabbit just like yours… based on your pictures you just give me a great info/input about the original interior of the basic model back in 77 where I tough it was some update done by someone over the years.. specifically the upholstery in the seats and the rubber floors.. great story btw . I am gonna get this one back to life as I did with a 78 model ‘C’ 4 door but to find a survivor 3 doors.. I am static, car is on my way but not here yet .. I am thrill !


    • Hi Patricio, thank you so much for your comments! To me, it is very exciting that you found a “base” Rabbit like the one I had. When I was shopping for a new car in 1977, there were very few base Rabbits available. But I can confirm from memory that the base model cars had the houndstooth cloth upholstery, no carpeting, fixed (non-opening) vent windows, bias-ply (not radial) tires, and a mechanical hatch strut instead of hydraulic. The engine and transmission were the same. Good luck with yours! Best, Richard


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