Sunday Morning Breakfast Run, April 2015

Nine cars + eleven people = a very successful inaugural 2015 Breakfast drive. After the winter we had endured in the Northeast, those of us with collector cars were itchin’ to drive, so we managed to organize a Sunday run a bit earlier in the season than usual. We typically don’t get out for the first run until May or sometimes June.

The weather cooperated: blue sky and plenty of sunshine, although with temps in the 50s, it was cooler than it had been on Saturday, when we had mid-to-upper 70s. Almost everyone (Ted!) in a convertible drove top-down, and with a slight twist of the heater dial, it was plenty comfortable.

Destination today was Granny’s Pancake House on Route 23 in Hamburg NJ. We’ve been there before, and the ample parking combined with a waiting table (nothing like calling ahead) had us gulping coffee within minutes of arriving.

To the cars: if we’re counting (we are), GM product ruled the day, and Chevrolet ruled within there. We had two Corvettes: the marvelously original C1 driven by Burton Hall (who I believe has owned this car for close to 50 years), and the silver C6 of Bill Whited’s (who somehow seems to bring a different ‘Vette to every run). The other Chevys were both Camaros: Paul Dohrmann’s beautiful ’69 which he completely restored himself, and Larry Mihok’s 1994 Camaro, which serves him equally well as daily driver and collector car. Larry had plenty of company with Steve Sargent riding shotgun.

“Ralphie from Englewood” drove his ’67 Buick Skylark convertible, a solid-looking survivor and a model you do not see with any frequency. Ted Kadala (with neighbor Julio along for the ride) drove his ’66 Cadillac Eldorado convertible, a car so big I had to jog a quarter mile away to get it all on camera.

One FoMoCo product was present, and Nick Dragone proudly waved the Blue Oval flag with his 2014 Mustang. Nick was all too happy to show us his new Borla exhaust and Airaid cold air intake. The one MoPar car wasn’t a car: it was a GREEN Viper. Rich Stavridis looked splendid behind its wheel, and claims he would have driven his ‘new to him’ Alfa had it not just gotten off the truck the other night. The only import car on the drive today was your author’s 1993 Mazda Miata; he had every intention to drive his Alfa (still would have been the only import) but the front suspension rebuild is not quite completed.

Despite occasional harassment from a few of the hungry old men, the waitress service at Granny’s was top-notch. Breakfast was pretty good too. We parted ways by 11 a.m., and promised we would make every effort to drive again as soon as we can get our collective acts together. Perhaps next month.

All smiles at Granny's breakfast table.
All smiles at Granny’s breakfast table.

All photographs copyright © 2015 Richard A. Reina. Photos may not be copied or reproduced without express written permission.


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