Sunday Morning Breakfast Run, November 6, 2016

The final Sunday morning breakfast run of the season was held on November 6, 2016. New Jersey weather in early November can be unpredictable; today, we were blessed with sunshine, high pressure, slight winds, and temps in the mid-50s. In other words, it was perfect weather to take our classics out for one more spin around the neighborhood.

Julio's Coronet in the foreground, with most (but not all) the remainder in front
Julio’s Coronet in the foreground, with most (but not all) the remainder in front

Today’s joke was that we’ve become victims of our own success; we had a record 20 cars (even if not all of them hung with us the entire morning), and 20 hungry mouths to feed at breakfast. Kicking off from our usual starting spot at the Sheraton Crossroads Hotel in Mahwah, a number of first-timers joined the usual crowd. We ventured north, eventually connecting with Route 513, which we followed south all the way to Route 80 and then Route 46 in NJ, ending at Paul’s Family Diner in Mountain Lakes.

The BS starts before the caffeine flows
The BS starts before the caffeine flows

Several participants commented on the wide-ranging variety of machinery in today’s caravan. The British made a strong showing with Rich S’s MGB-GT V8, Rich L’s Jaguar F-Type, and Greg’s ’66 E-Type Coupe (RHD, no less).

American muscle was well represented by Julio’s Coronet, Ralph’s Skylark, Larry’s Nova, Paul’s Camaro, and Nick’s Mustang.

The Germans, as usual, had an army of 911s, including Peter’s, Dave’s, and Ted’s. BMWs were represented by Sal in his E30, and Julio’s’ son in a 3-series sedan.

The class winner was the Corvette contingent. We had Burton’s C1, Bill’s C2 (with a 427 3×2), two C3’s (neither joined us at breakfast) and Ron’s C4.

Jim brought his Datsun Z but didn’t drive with us, and the lone Italian car (again) was your author’s very trusty Alfa.


American, German, and British machinery sweep through the curves
American, German, and British machinery sweep through the curves


The cruise down Route 513 was scenic, if a bit hampered by locals driving modern cars. We arrived at the diner at 10 sharp, and although it was under construction, both the food and the service were exemplary. After the usual post-meal parking lot BS session, we were all on our way back by noon. And so ends a very successful 2016 driving season. The sooner that Old Man Winter gets here, does his thing, and gets out, the sooner we can dust ‘em off and start driving in 2017. We can’t wait.



Greg's '66 E-Type FHC
Greg’s ’66 E-Type FHC


Rich S's MGB-GT V8
Rich S’s MGB-GT V8


Rich L's Jaguar F-Type
Rich L’s Jaguar F-Type



Ralph's Buick Skylark
Ralph’s Buick Skylark


Nick's Mustang
Nick’s Mustang



Paul's '69 Camaro
Paul’s ’69 Camaro



Larry's 1972 Nova
Larry’s 1972 Nova



Burton's unrestored C1
Burton’s unrestored C1


Bill's '67 C2, with a 427 with 3x2 barrels
Bill’s ’67 C2, with a 427 with 3×2 barrels



Bob's (?) C3
Bob’s (?) C3



John D's C3
John D’s C3


Ron's C4
Ron’s C4



Peter's 911
Peter’s 911



Dave's 911
Dave’s 911


Ted's 911
Ted’s 911




Sal's E30
Sal’s E30


Julio's son's 3-series sedan
Julio’s son’s 3-series sedan




Jim's Datsun Z-car
Jim’s Datsun 280-Z

All photographs copyright © 2016 Richard A. Reina. Photos may not be copied or reproduced without express written permission.


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