7 thoughts on “The 2018 New England 1000, Sunday Photo Gallery

    • Hi Will, yes, we ALL liked the Miura. You should have heard the sound that rocket made when it screamed past us with all 12 cylinders at redline! We had a great week; watch for a summary report soon. Regards, Richard


  1. What a nice assortment of cars. The Cunninghams look fantastic. The orange Puma had me scratching my head for a few moments trying to identify it. When I consulted the Google machine to be sure, up popped a link to what appears to be the same car auctioned on BaT last fall.
    Hope you have a great rally!


    • Hi Bob, thanks for the comment. At the Thursday banquet, the Puma got one of two awards given to “most interesting automobile” – the other went to the black and red Cunningham! We knew the Puma driver from 20 years ago. He did great until the throttle cable broke 6 miles from the end on Thursday! Watch for a summary write-up soon. Regards, Richard


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