Thursday Lunch Drive, Sep. 15, 2022

My inexact science points to the year 2008 when I, along with my driving cohort Larry, took over the planning for our “Sunday morning breakfast drives”. With only a few exceptions, we have stayed with this tried-and-true formula in the ensuing 14 years (I cannot believe that number as I type it). At the same time, L. and I are also always discussing ways to mix it up, and credit goes to him for the combination idea of a weekday drive followed by a midday food stop.

And so we selected Thursday Sep. 15, 2022, for our first-ever such event. Six brave souls (which can also be read as “six guys who are retired or are otherwise available”) showed up. Although the number was small, 3 of the 6 vehicles were new to us. Our destination was the Empire Diner in Monroe, NY, a previous breakfast destination, where we were able to be immediately seated up our noon arrival. The food was great, the service even better, and after our usual kick-the-tires parking lot session (including someone offering cash on-the-spot for Larry’s Chevy), we were headed back home.

Was it a success? It was, yet at the same time, we both recognize that there are still a number of our car buddies for whom any such gathering needs to be on a Saturday or Sunday. As I see it, we can add the weekday lunch idea to our arsenal for occasional deployment as we see fit.


Ken’s Porsche 911
Sean’s Mercedes-Benz sedan
Larry’s Chevy Caprice sedan
Pete’s Porsche 911
Bill’s ’67 Corvette
Richard’s Miata


Departing the Sheraton parking lot


What a beautiful rear end to follow!


Most guys ordered omelettes, thinking it was Sunday 😉



All photographs copyright © 2022 Richard A. Reina. Photos may not be copied or reproduced without express written permission.



6 thoughts on “Thursday Lunch Drive, Sep. 15, 2022

  1. It seems that I finally have my Commerciale running reliably. I you venture to drive towards Pa I might be able to join you. I am not confident enough yet to drive upstate NY Per

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  2. Richard,

    The event was a “success”. You provided an opportunity for like minded people to get together for a few hours. That achievement is priceless. I like the collection of scars that appeared too.


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  3. Hi Richard,
    It looks like you all had a great time. I thought I recognized Ken’s 911 as well as your Miata. I particularly like your zip out rear window. I look forward to the time when I can take mid week excursions.
    Warm regards,


    • Hi Chris, nice to hear from you! Your ears must have been ringing: Kenny Z and I were talking about you and the fact that you helped him find that Porsche. He’s owned it for a long time now (and as you’re learning, time really flies the older you get). The Miata I have owned since 1996; that zip out rear window is factory and a really nice way to drive the car. Would love to catch up in person some time. Stay well! Best wishes, Richard


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