Alfas in Montreal – Friday

Four hundred and thirty miles, from Neshanic Station NJ to Montreal Quebec, in a fifty-year-old Italian automobile, and the car did not miss a beat.

We are here for day one of Alfa Expo 17, the annual Alfa Romeo Owners Club meet. The weather could be better but we will take it one day at a time.

Events are planned for Saturday and Sunday. These photos are the cars in the Holiday Inn lot on Friday afternoon.



2 thoughts on “Alfas in Montreal – Friday

  1. What a great reason for a trip to Montreal. Looking forward to more photos of the interesting gathering. How time has changed our sense of scale. The white “new” Giulia in the middle photo looks like whale in comparison to the vintage models.
    Hope the weather gets better and that you have a wonderful and trouble-free ride home!


  2. Hi Bob, thanks for the comment. Yes, we get “spoiled” by the size of new cars, and it is jarring to see old, smaller cars next to them. My GT Junior is a midget next to 90% of the other vehicles on the road!

    Watch for a full report on the Montreal trip by this weekend.

    Regards, Richard


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