Das Awkscht Fescht, Macungie PA, August 2017

Memorial Park provides a wonderful setting for a car show

On the first weekend of August 2017, the town of Macungie PA hosted Das Awkscht Fescht (“The August Festival”) for the 54th consecutive year. This 3-day car show has grown into one of the largest collector car gatherings in the Northeast, and given what else is held in the area, that is quite the feat.

“Macungie” (most people call it this as it’s easier to say) is set in Memorial Park. As such, all the display vehicles are situated on grass in a park-like setting. The show further sets itself apart by featuring non-automotive attractions for family members who want to do more than hang around gramp’s 1959 Borgward all day. Arts & Crafts booths, kid’s games, and even a bandshell with live musical entertainment provide lots of distractions. Pennsylvania Dutch edibles are available, along with the usual car show fast food. Admission is a reasonable $8.

Field was crowded with both vehicles and spectators

Macungie was a quick stop for me on my way back from Mecum Harrisburg. There was just enough time to park, briskly walk the showfield, and head back to my car so I could be fashionably late for a friend’s BBQ.

The photos capture but a small slice of the wonderful display vehicles. For full effect, one really needs to attend all three days, as there are different cars on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. A big part of Macungie’s success is the support from local car clubs, which have historically provided tremendous impetus in getting members’ cars out for the public’s enjoyment.

You can learn more about Das Awkscht Fescht here.

This Packard, a true #1 car, was a standout at Saturday’s show


The oldest Miatas are now 27 years of age. This one was an AACA award winner.


Crosley Hot Shot


This coffin-nose FWD Cord appeared to be unrestored, or an aged older restoration


Trio con brio: 2 Fiats and an Alfa, all spiders


1958 Edsel – styling less controversial 60 years later (have you seen a Toyota lately?)


Fiat Multipla – some argue it’s the first minivan


Candy-colored Nash Metropolitans (note license plate)




Pennsylvania-built VW Rabbit (square headlights give it away)


2nd gen Chevy Corvair coupe


1963 Pontiac Tempest convertible


Striking Mustang pony interior easier to photograph with top down


Chrysler wagon with 4-door hardtop styling (man’s, er, gut, was inadvertent)


Kaiser Darrin’s unique sliding door


Nice hood ornament!


A car show tradition: keeping it clean for the customers


All photographs copyright © 2017 Richard A. Reina. Photos may not be copied or reproduced without express written permission.



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