Das Awkscht Fescht, Macungie PA, August 2013

Das Awkscht Fescht, better known as “Macungie” (the name of the Pennsylvania town which hosts it) is an annual car show held on the first weekend in August. Their website claims that this year’s show is its 59th annual, and my Sharp calculator computes that to mean the event began in 1963. I first attended this show in the early 1980s, when there was a large turnout of BMW Isettas and I was in search of basically anything I could find out about mine. I’ve also written about this show previously: my Isetta was on display there in 2010, and I added posts after my visits in 2017 and 2021.

Continuing my look back through old photos, I found these from the 2013 show. Visiting Macungie is delightful.  It’s set on grass in a park, there’s huge car club support, and for the most part, vehicles are arranged by make and model. For significant others and young ones whose interest in old cars wanes after a few minutes, there are plenty of non-automotive attractions too, including craft booths, petting zoos, live music in an outdoor bandshell, and even a pool. It’s certainly small enough to cover in one day, but if your time is limited, or if it’s too hot to trudge into all 4 corners, you can always seek out the brands of your preference.

This year, my camera seemed to be trained more on cars of the 1950s. Perhaps it was the colors, or the ornate details one finds on the chrome behemoths of this decade.  Of all the included photos below, my favorite is the unrestored Cord. I can become jaded when looking at one over-restored car after another. The very idea that someone would keep such a valuable and rare car in this condition is wonderful and refreshing.

Unrestored 1930s Cord Roadster


1957 Ford Thunderbird


Nomad tails






1957 DeSoto – note quad headlights which just started to be legal that year


Chrysler Imperial


1962 Chrysler 300H


Firebird nose progression – the ’69 has a poorly executed nose job



All photographs copyright © 2022 Richard A. Reina. Photos may not be copied or reproduced without express written permission.




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