AACA Hershey Car Show, 2012

In Chapter 34 of the Isetta Saga, it’s October 2012, and my restored bubble car is making its one and only appearance at the AACA Eastern Fall Nationals, a name that no one uses; everyone refers to it as “Hershey”, named after its host town. Obviously, I had a lot going on that week, what with trailering the car out there, unloading it the morning of the show, driving it onto the show field, finding my spot, and prepping the car for judging. Of course, my car was just one of hundreds of other cars on the field vying for trophies that day, and somehow, I found time to stroll the aisles and take a few snaps (and my car buddy Larry took a few of these shots too).

Based on these images, the weather was flawless, and so was the condition of the cars on display, which always makes it a challenge to decide which ones to photograph. Below is a selection of cars which were standouts to me. As a final comment, I may have said this before but it’s worth repeating: if you have not been to Hershey in October, it is not to be missed.




All photographs copyright © 2022 Richard A. Reina. Photos may not be copied or reproduced without express written permission.




3 thoughts on “AACA Hershey Car Show, 2012

  1. Random questions that occur to me as I scroll through the photos:
    Are there any American cars that have had front-hinged hoods?
    What percentage of the world’s chrome resources was used on cars between 1955 and 1965?
    Why can’t we have more colors on 21st century cars that aren’t on the white-black spectrum?
    And while we’re at it, other than MINI, why aren’t modern cars available in two-tones?
    How many of these owners, at the end of the show, forget about and drive over their fire extinguishers?
    Where do the owners of the brass era cars shop for their period clothes?
    Did they locate all the Porta-potties at Hershey in the same place?


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